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The PCB Temperature Calculator lets you easily evaluate
the thermal performance of a PCB and its attached components.

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Uses for the PCB Temperature Calculator

The calculator is used to calculate the junction temperature of a heat generating component attached to a printed circuit board (PCB) and the associated maximum temperature of PCB.

Limiting the temperature rise of the PCB and its components below required limits is critical to avoid thermal damage and product failure.

The thermal performance of surface mounting components such as transistors, LEDs, silicon controlled rectifiers (SCR), amplifiers and integrated circuits can be analyzed.

Benefits for you

Immediately calculate your component temperature: Simply enter a few PCB dimensions, layer details, component heat losses and ambient and the results are displayed instantly.

Quickly evaluate the influence of design changes: See how changes to the number of layers, copper coverage and addition of thermal vias affect the thermal performance of the PCB.

Built for thermal analysis novices and experts alike: No expert thermal analysis knowledge is needed to run the calculator. Since the inputs to the calculator only required dimensional and component heat loss information, the calculator can be used by mechanical and electrical engineers as well as designers and technicians.

No software to download: The calculator is available completely online and can be accessed anywhere using your favorite browser.


Evaluate the influence of number of layers and copper coverage area:

The effect on thermal performance of changing the number and thickness of the PCB layers, as well as the percent copper coverage can be immediately determined.

Add thermal vias for enhanced cooling:

The thermal via diameter, plating thickness and layout pattern can be varied to determine the optimum cooling configuration. The impact of filled via can also be investigated.

Heat transfer in multiple orientations:

The calculator analyzes PCBs cooled via natural convection in multiple orientations. Include radiation and specify the surface emissivity for further accuracy


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