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Find off-the-shelf designs to meet your needs

Automatically search hundreds of off-the-shelf heat sinks from leading manufacturers to find the most appropriate and cost effective designs to meet your needs.

Specify the temperature and heat sink dimensional constraints and the HeatSinkCalculator will search the database of off-the-shelf heat sinks and display the products that meet those constraints

Listed Heat Sink Manufacturers

Analyze multiple flow conditions

The HeatSinkCalculator allows you to select either forced or natural convection flow based on your particular application.

Specify forced convection with an approach flow velocity, volumetric flow rate or input a fan curve.

Natural convection analysis can be conducted with the heat sink in the vertical or horizontal orientations.

Radiation effects can be included or excluded from the analysis.

Calculate optimum dimensions

No need to guess what heat sink dimensions will result in the lowest temperature. Using mathematical optimization the HeatSinkCalculator will determine the optimum fin thickness, base thickness and number of fins that produces the lowest heat source temperature

You can specify the maximum and minimum values of the dimensions being varied to suit your design constraints

Easily specify power source variables

Along with power source dimensions and value, you can specify the use of thermal interface materials and value of junction to case resistance for an encased power source

Flexible unit selection

Specify the units you are most comfortable using for input variables and results. You can choose from the most commonly used metric and imperial units

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